Who are EHMunnell’s Clients?

Law Firm Associates and Partners

Betsy is a dedicated personal coach deeply invested in the success and career satisfaction of each of her clients.   She coaches and advises law firm associates at all levels of experience, young partners committed to building a book of business and more experienced partners interested in growing their practices or addressing mid-career challenges. Personal coaching is of particular utility to lawyers in the private sector, where law firms and clients alike struggle to identify the “new normal” for the delivery of legal services and only those with self-sustaining practices are assured of continued opportunity and advancement.

Law Firms

EHMunnell offers unique and lasting value to the law firm interested in results-oriented career development training for its lawyers, as a means of maintaining and improving revenues and profits, attracting and retaining first-class recruits and addressing increasing client pressure for cost containment and value-based service.

Betsy’s lawyer coaching programs are tailored to the needs of departments, practice groups, partner and senior associate leadership programs, diversity retreats and first year and summer associate “boot camps”, enhancing the firm’s culture and brand and driving productivity and strictly client-centric service.

Law Students and First Year Associates

Law students in today’s economy face diminishing job opportunities and crushing tuition debt. Graduates join a profession in painful crisis.  To prosper they must rapidly establish the reputations for excellence, self-reliance and interpersonal maturity required to secure the best work and the firm’s commitment to their advancement.  Unfortunately, no law school even claims to teach the practical skills necessary for private practice and business development.

Betsy coaches students and new associates to take charge of their careers– to fend for themselves.  She helps each of her coaching clients to identify promising practice and industry niches and to learn strategies for developing a robust network and a distinguished reputation, both within the firm and in the broader legal and business communities.

Coaching is available to self-pay law students and first year associates at a reduced rate, reflecting the double hex of ballooning tuition debt and shrinking employment opportunities.

Law Firm Affinity Groups

Betsy understands the unique and substantial barriers to entry faced by all young lawyers in a legal services industry undergoing seismic change.  With decades of success in a predominantly male profession and a sustained commitment to coaching and diversity work, she is keenly aware of the persistent challenges facing women and minorities.  She recommends expanding diversity programming to include business development, business skills and other practical skills training.  In addition, she encourages firms with strong mentoring programs to make the leap to sponsorship arrangements for women and lawyers of color, helping the top producers deploy their rich political and business capital more equitably and more profitably. Betsy has recently launched a blended group and individual Women’s Coaching Program.