Best Practices for Summer Associates: In Three Simple Charts

ThinkstockPhotos-482630918A few years ago I collected all my advice for law firm summer associates, dispensed with bullet points and such creative titles as “The Best Top 10 or So Tips for Summers EVER”, and, instead, incorporated this accumulated summer wisdom in three simple charts.  (All because, honestly, I really really love charts.) Today, prompted by a lovely edible gift from a 2L at our last strategy session about her summer job at a New York firm, I updated my charts to assure they are “spot on”, “cutting edge” and “white paper” quality….

The first chart covers the three topics of most importance:  Assignments, Citizenship and Professionalism.

The second offers examples of common ways to go off the rails in each category.

The third and final chart is titled, simply, “Standing Out“.  It describes some things a summer associate can do to break out of the crowd; a few ways to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Those of you I have coached as 2Ls know that I’m as focused on your first four months as an associate as I am on your summer experience.  It’s during those early months of practice that “memorable” means getting the best assignments and engaging, out of the box, with people of influence at your firm.

Everything good flows from the good work, and from solid relationships initiated during the summer months. It isn’t the offer that matters in the long term, but whether next fall you hit the ground running, on the fastest possible track to productivity. That’s the play that counts.

So here is the link to three unimaginably excellent charts. I hope they’re helpful.

Best Practices for Summers Associates 2018

And have a wonderful summer!   (Just remember not to overshare at social events….)

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