EHMunnell’s group programs include both individual lawyer coaching and workshops addressing relationship building strategies, internal self-promotion, time management, social media and competitive intelligence, leadership and executive presence and “trusted advisor” practices.

Betsy also offers stand-alone workshops and tutorials, boot camps and shorter training modules to both law firms and law schools, including affinity groups, each adapted to the needs and resources of the client, but with a primary focus on the fundamentals necessary for law practice success, advancement within the law firm and long term business generation.

All of these programs can be expanded to include 30 to 60 minutes of individual “speed-coaching” for any number of participants.

Among them are the following:

Gaining the Competitive Edge: The EHMunnell Social Media Boot Camp

twitter-college-tweetsThis 90-minute workshop (best suited for groups no larger than 8 to 10) offers nuts and bolts networking and relationship building advice in a highly interactive format that includes hands on evaluations and training on LinkedIn and Twitter and a primer on effective niche blogging for lawyers.  It is offered to law firms, bar associations, affinity groups and professional organizations and tailored to each audience.  As an example, the law firm boot camp is built around a case study in which participants are charged with deepening the firm’s relationship with a key (but not captive) client with a relatively strong digital footprint.

Click here for a detailed description of the boot camp.

Boot camp participants will learn, through group discussions and intensive one-on-one coaching:

  • To build a strategic, professional, online presence
  • How to use Twitter, LinkedIn and other internet tools to deliver value to clients and prospects and stay “top of mind”
  • An efficient system for monitoring business and legal news and commentary to enhancing both work product and client service
  • From Online to In Person: The art of online networking

 What will participants get from the boot camp?

  • A comprehensive relationship building strategy (online and off) for a selected key client or prospect
  • The tools with which to  implement the online component of that strategy, including market-ready social media profiles

Gaining the Competitive Edge: The EHMunnell Social Media Tutorial

The 90-minute private social media tutorial for one or two lawyers covers the same ground as the Social Media Boot Camp, but through the narrower lens of the participant’s existing and desired online “brand”, practice and client prospects. Betsy begins the tutorial armed with information gathered from an extensive questionnaire and her own online audit both the participant and his or her clients and prospects. With Betsy’s guidance, participants fine-tune their LinkedIn profiles and develop a social media anchored relationship-building strategy for their practices. They learn to use social media and other internet tools to deliver value to clients and prospects, stay “top of mind” and enhance both legal work product and client service.

Betsy encouraged me to climb out from under my rock and got me up and running on Twitter and Hootsuite.   She also helped me refine my LinkedIn profile and showed me simple ways to use LinkedIn more effectively.  After years of dismissing the Internet as the province of short-lived media phenoms and irrelevant to my practice, I realized what I’d been missing: that I could leverage online tools to grow professional relationships—and in an authentic way. This workshop is a must for anyone who’s ready to build a law practice.”

Ellen S. Lubell, Tennant Lubell

The Great Leveler: Building an Inventory of Social Capital

A session demonstrating how even the youngest, most inexperienced lawyer can accumulate a wealth of friends, associates and contacts and, through savvy “investments” of this “social capital”, evolve from fledgling professional to strategic broker.  We discuss how this dynamic works both within the firm and in the outside community, focusing on the best ways to build value for others and the crucial role of business knowledge, and the confidence it provides in building reputation, enhancing visibility, and inspiring trust.  Before the workshop, all participants will create an core list of their 20 top contacts, clients, influencers, and prospects using a template that includes detailed instructions and advice.  The Core Contact List serves as the first step in the personal business plan essential to every lawyer’s success as a business generator.

The Confidence Gap: Women Professionals and the “Imposter Syndrome”

 As women competing in the world of commerce, where there are more than enough external obstacles to career success, we can ill afford the assault on self-esteem prompted each time we discount our measurable achievements (“I was lucky”, “I really owe it all to my team”) or doubt our abundant abilities (“I’m not good with numbers”, “I’m not creative–he’s the idea guy, “I just test high, I’d never get in now….”). Few lawyers, male or female, have not at some point been plagued by feelings of self-doubt consistent with what is often called “the imposter syndrome”, but women are disproportionately affected–and dramatically so. Since overconfidence (with or without swagger) can frequently be more predictive of success than competence, we need to find ways to break the cycle of self-doubt, stop feeling like a “fraud” and assert full control of our careers.

In this 90-minute workshop you will learn about the science behind the imposter syndrome, the ways in which it can impair our professional performance and diminish our potential, and some simple tools–tailored to women practicing in law firms and in-house — for reducing negative thoughts, building confidence and projecting self-assurance on the job. In particular, Betsy offers her own unique suggestions, which resonate for lawyers young and old, for addressing this challenge in your legal career.

On the Job Marketing: Speaking the Language of Business

In this session Betsy addresses the many ways in which lawyers can better display their legal skills, good judgment and business acumen in the context of their work: as advocates and negotiators, as writers and speakers, and as listeners and advisors.  She addresses the crucial importance of speaking the client’s language, understanding the client’s business and the industry and markets in which the client competes and frequently demonstrating as much—to clients, colleagues and other professionals– -in conversation, conference calls, memos, emails and other work product.

This program includes specific examples, drawn from law practice, of the ways in which even the most basic grasp of business and finance, purposefully deployed, can materially enhance the quality and sophistication of a lawyer’s legal work, as well as her reputation and professional “brand” (internally and externally).

Participants will learn how to build efficient systems for monitoring business and legal news and commentary to enhance the quality of their legal work, inform their professional communications and assure that their work reflects an integrated understanding of both legal and business concerns.  (This topic is addressed in depth in the Social Media Tutorial and Social Media Boot Camp described above.) The workshop includes a case-based exercise featuring a pair of lawyers struggling to prepare for an imminent meeting with their new client, having failed to invite the sector-specialized colleague whose industry knowledge won the new business.

In Demand and Indispensable: Effective Internal Self-Promotion

This session focuses on in-firm self promotion and addresses how to get and keep the best work, be the best lawyer you can be, meet skills benchmarks despite billable hour pressures, build satisfying and politically advantageous in-firm relationships, and earn client access by learning to treat the partner like a client and demonstrating an ability to speak the language of business.  In this program, Betsy emphasizes self reliance, offering a message not always welcome to recent law school graduates: that their careers are in their own hands, no one else’s.

For Women Lawyers: The Double Standard – Alive, Well, But Not A Deal-Breaker

With decades of success in a predominantly male profession and a sustained commitment to coaching and diversity work, Betsy is keenly aware of the persistent challenges facing women and minorities, particularly those practicing in large firms.  Betsy facilitates a confidential 90-minute round-table discussion in which participating women lawyers are encouraged to reflect on their experiences in the workplace and outside the firm.  The group will consider ways to address gender bias, often unconscious, in a manner consistent with one’s communications skills, interpersonal style, and career strategies.  The relative benefits of sponsorship and mentoring will also be considered in depth.

* In addition, any of the various topics addressed in the Women’s Coaching Program group sessions can be adapted to 60 or 90-minute workshops as well.