Elizabeth Munnell, a noted deal lawyer, large firm partner, and proven business generator, provides career coaching and consulting services to law firms, lawyers, law schools, and law students, with a particular focus on the skills essential for business development. Elizabeth (“Betsy”, to her clients and colleagues) coaches and advises young partners committed to building a book of business, more experienced partners interested in growing their practices or addressing mid-career challenges, and associates at all levels of experience.

Betsy’s approach as a coach and consultant is informed by three decades of successful practice. “All 21st century lawyers”, she observes, “require extensive business, relationship building, and other practical skills training in order to prosper in today’s uniquely challenging competitive environment and in a profession undergoing dramatic structural and cultural change. Unfortunately, these skills are rarely addressed in depth at law school or in most law firms.”

Betsy provides that training. She teaches what she knows.

Betsy is a ‘must have’ advisor for anyone who requires an understanding of the practice of law, its evolution and future trends, and how to be effective within it.   She possesses a rare combination of creativity, unrelenting inquisitiveness, analytical thinking and passion for client success.

April Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Development, The Fullbridge Program.