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New Business Development Podcast: Social Media for Lawyers (Listening to the Web)

A webinar veteran, I recently went multimedia and recorded my first podcast, at the invitation of Stephen Seckler, who regularly interviews lawyers and legal professionals on Stephen Seckler’s Counsel to Counsel. Stephen asked me to speak about one of my favorite topics, the range of ways in which lawyers can (and should, if they can see the long game) use social media and blogging to build relationships and drive business. Please listen in!

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Part 5: Five More Easy Ways We Helped Our Network

Any rainmaker will tell you: Giving and helping are everything. The ideal way to build and deepen your rapport with your clients, prospects, colleagues, referral sources and other important contacts is to learn as much as you can about each person and identify what he or she needs to be successful and fulfilled. Once you’ve done that, things get very simple. You just need to help meet those needs.

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“Way Too Busy” to Build a Career? (Making Time for Success. Now.)

No lawyer (in fact, no service professional) can prosper, especially in the current economy, without a rich strategic network and a first-rate reputation, in both his or her law firm and community. These goals cannot be achieved solely by billing hours and going through the standard “marketing” motions. They cannot be reached by crafting the quintessential “executory contract” with your beleaguered practice group manager (that two-page “Marketing Plan” she distributes once a year). No-you’re going to need a plan, and the discipline to create and implement a strategic business development plan. It’s your career. Take charge!

Common Courtesy and Your Good Reputation.

Business development is about relationships, first and foremost. What goes around comes around. Treat people right or pay the consequences in missed opportunities, broken relationships, burned bridges, and bad word of mouth….Remember: Most people, however well behaved and well brought up, talk about other people. Don’t give them something to talk about, other than your finer qualities and achievements.