Social Media Networking Strategies to Gain New Clients

ABA Webinar:  Social Media Networking Strategies to Gain New ClientsThis webinar on social media for lawyers includes live demonstrations on how to leverage Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to build your personal brand while expanding your business.

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    Any rainmaker will tell you: Giving and helping are everything. The ideal way to build and deepen your rapport with your clients, prospects, colleagues, referral sources and other important contacts is to learn as much as you can about each person and identify what he or she needs to be successful and fulfilled. Once you’ve done that, things get very simple. You just need to help meet those needs.


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  • Common Courtesy and Your Good Reputation.

    Business development is about relationships, first and foremost. What goes around comes around. Treat people right or pay the consequences in missed opportunities, broken relationships, burned bridges, and bad word of mouth….Remember: Most people, however well behaved and well brought up, talk about other people. Don’t give them something to talk about, other than your finer qualities and achievements.


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