New Business Development Podcast: Social Media for Lawyers (Listening to the Web)

A webinar veteran, I recently went multimedia and recorded my first podcast, at the invitation of Stephen Seckler, who regularly interviews lawyers and legal professionals on Stephen Seckler’s Counsel to Counsel. Stephen asked me to speak about one of my favorite topics, the range of ways in which lawyers can (and should, if they can see the long game) use social media and blogging to build relationships and drive business.

As an example: Stephen and I spoke at some length about ways to utilize Twitter for business purposes. I view Twitter as a great place for lawyers to go to listen, but not to tweet.  In fact, Twitter may well be most valuable simply as a “listening” tool: a time-ordered (not crowdsourced and, therefore, spotty) source of  curated, as-it-happens news, information and commentary you can use to build a “go to” expert brand, develop deep industry and sector business knowledge, assist clients, prospects and other key contacts, and deliver more sophisticated legal work. It’s a place you go to get smarter.

I hope you’ll listen in.

Here’s the link to the podcast!


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